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Being a mobile photographer has it’s challenges, setting up a studio in clients homes being the first of them. A sense of space can turn an ordinary photo into a great photo. I was blessed yesterday to have lots of space, in a perfect environment, with a lovely family.

Thank you. Enjoy!

Listening to Clients

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Listening to Clients … I go to photo jobs with lots of ideas in my head, this maternity shoot was no different. I aim to produce a selection of images in 3 settings; outdoors if possible and indoors with two different backgrounds, contemporary studio and something different.

I’ve photographed many pregnant tummies now with various props. I still love the sensual maternity photos the most, but I have to say, this teddy prop in this position was just great, (the arm prop was dad’s idea), the bubbles make it perfect! I would have spent an eternity trying to get the teddy to sit just how I wanted it and I would not have thought of that. The best thing is, asking for suggestions from clients just gives me a lot more options … I never stop listening and learning (and I wouldn’t want it any other way).

Thank you and I’m already looking forward to photographing the newborn in January 2018.

Braving the ‘Boudoir’

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I never saw myself agreeing to a Boudoir photo shoot but was persuaded by a good friend of mine of a similar age to do a Boudoir shoot with her. She is a pretty fantastic woman with more energy than you’ve seen in any 20 or 30 year old, absolutely buzzes she does. My client (friend) looks fabulous at forty something and her hubby wanted to treat her for her birthday to a photo shoot. She works out regularly and runs her own business (amongst other things) part of Isagenix which help people with weight management, energy and performance through natural nutrition. This, coupled with her exercise routine for has proved itself; she looks fabulous.

There were a wide selection of photos, outfits, poses, all very beautiful and tasteful.

This is what she had to say …

“Thank you so much to sadiejanephotography for my fantastic, fun & relaxing ” fab at 40ish” photoshoot.
As a busy mum of 4 I have taken some time for me. Enjoying exercising alongside using fantastic plant based nutrition, I am feeling amazing. And thanks to Sadie now have beautiful photos to remind me when I am 80!!
I would highly recommend this to make any lady feel special.”

Well thank you  –  2 happy ladies!!

To find out more about Isagenix copy & paste the link below.



Ruislip Conservative Club raising funds for MacMillan

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Chairman Frank Burkett presenting charity cheque to MacMillan

Thomas Gray 250 Superkart @ Castle Combe August 2016

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Castle Combe  –  29th August 2016

Thomas Gray, 250 Superkart, Castle Combe, August 2016 Thomas gray, 250 superkart, castle combe, august 2016


Going into the penultimate round of this year’s British BSA Superkart championship at Castle Combe, Thomas Gray was full of anticipation knowing after this meeting there would only be one more round left. We knew we had to score points in all the remaining races to have any chance at this of the title to become the British BSA Champion in the very first year of trying. With Tom being the youngest competitor; still only 18 years old, it would be a huge achievement. With this in mind our preparation was set once again for reliability rather than outright pace.

Tom was advised to take things steady and feel his way into the circuit, the team were confident that at this super-fast venue with an average lap speed of 101mph and a top speed of 135 mph it would be a track that would suit Tom very well.

The weather was beautiful, something we have been blessed with throughout the season luckily. Unfortunately, not quite so lucky with the kart early on at Castle Combe; a few problems throughout the day and Tom taking a hit at 110mph, scary stuff indeed, although Tom and the Superkart seemed ok.

However, it was soon discovered that the reed valve in the engine had been destroyed lifting the rear wheels which in turn, over revved the engine resulting in the previously unseen damage, with no spare parts it was a mad dash around the paddock to seek out replacements, with the engine back together and seconds to spare he made it on to the grid for race one during which Tom set a fantastic lap time of 1.15.045. The race was brought to a premature end with a red flag when one of our competitors Luke Plain was involved in an accident and taken to hospital suffering with suspected concussion. Thankfully Luke appears to be fine and we hope to see him back racing soon.

Race 2, Tom made an excellent start; passing people in the more powerful class ahead, Tom was in his element and clearly enjoying his race. Lapping in 1.11.094 now he was really beginning to find his stride; having a fantastic battle with his nearest rival Mark Newton and separated by only tenths as they passed the pit straight, lap after lap. However, on lap 9 the red flags were once again brought out and the race stopped, this time unfortunately after a huge crash involving Roy Bennett who had to be cut from his Superkart after suffering a massive impact that resulted in Roy being taken to hospital by air ambulance. His condition update was that Roy had suffered a broken neck, punctured lung and internal bleeding and was put into an induced Coma at the circuit.

The team decided to withdraw from the final race of the day firstly due to safety concerns and also as the third race was not part of the British Championship. Tom had done what was asked of him and secured a respectable overall 5th on the day and bagged good points ready for our final meeting of the year at Pembrey in Wales.

At this moment in time the Teams thoughts and feeling are 100% focused on the well- being of Roy and all the Bennett family and team. We wish Roy a rapid and healthy recovery.

thomas gray 250 superkart castle combe august 2016 Castle Coombe August 2016 thomas gray 250 superkart

For full report please visit http://www.garage2u.co.uk

Formula Ford Photos Castle Combe August 2016

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Formula Ford Photos Castle Combe August 2016

Wayne Belcher Formula Ford Castle Combe August 2016 Paul Barnes Formula Ford Castle Combe August 2016 Michael Phillips Formula Ford Castle Combe August 2016 Michael Gibaut Formula Ford Castle Combe August 2016 Mark De Rozarieux Formula Ford Castle Combe August 2016 Mark De Rozarieux (2) Formula Ford Castle Combe August 2016 Josh Fisher Formula Ford Castle Combe August 2016 Felix Fisher Formula Ford Castle Combe August 2016 Ben Norton, Formula Ford, Castle Combe, August 2016


Thomas Gray 250 Superkart wins trophy at Donington Park

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Thomas Gray’s superb driving, wins his first trophy at Donington Park; just his fourth competition in the Superkart.

A gorgeous day at Donington on Sunday. Mission for the weekend was to capture video in order for Thomas to make his own inspiring promotional video. Thomas had prepared well for how he wants to portray his thoughts and ideas on racing, to inspire young people to follow their dreams and believe in themselves. No doubt a busy project for the Summer for Tom as he takes a break now from studying at the MSA. I look forward to bringing that to you when it is ready.

Having suffered severe damage to his engine during his last Donington visit meant that Thomas was entering this time knowing that if he was unfortunate enough to experience any further problems – there was no back up engine. He was also faced with running in a new engine during the qualifying session, holding him back a little from being able to achieve the best possible grid position for the first race.

Not only did he run it in nicely he achieved the necessary to secure a decent position which led to a 2nd place finish in the first race, followed by a 3rd place in the second.

Thomas studied everyone’s points and had worked out that he had one person to beat in order to secure a first place overall for the day. He was both nervous and excited as he sat on the grid waiting for the race to begin. After a couple of laps it soon became apparent that all was not well and he very quickly appeared in the pit lane to assess the way forward.

The throttle cable had been loose during the first two races and on discovery, it was tightened up for the third race, but this meant too much fuel was going to the engine and Thomas could only use half throttle, and an additional problem with the tyres forced him to go slower.

Luckily Thomas was soon back out; finishing the race was very important to secure some points in the BSA championship. He achieved sixth place, resulting in an overall 3rd.  Naturally Thomas was initially a bit disappointed, having set his sights on a 1st place, but it wasn’t long before it turned to appreciation of winning his first trophy racing the Superkart.

As sponsors we were extremely delighted.  Well Done Thomas.

For further information visit http://www.garage2u.co.uk

You can also follow Thomas Gray on Twitter and Facebook.

Click below for a short video clip filmed along the pit wall at Donington during the final race.


Thomas Gray wins trophy at Donington Park

Thomas Gray wins trophy at Donington Park


Thomas Gray 250 Superkart – British Grand Prix at Donington, June 2016

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Thomas Gray 250 Superkart/Anderson Honda

Thomas Gray Contemplating the track at Donington Park

Thomas Gray
Contemplating the track at Donington Park


Another beautiful sunny weekend for the British Superkart Grand Prix at Donington.

The karts reliability thus far had clearly been too good to be true!

Thomas and his mechanic ran into problem after problem with the kart at the Donington British Superkart Grand Prix this weekend; leaky water pump, the exhaust silencer split, which in turn left all the internals that are extremely hot, melting the floor and diffuser, as well as burning the rear number plate, the front engine mount sheared clean off, and finally, after a non-stop and long suffering day for Thomas’s mechanic who had to work at such a pace in the hot sun, locating and fixing issues, during the British Grand Prix, the con rod went through the bottom of his engine and destroyed it. Sadly, Thomas could not finish the race and had to be recovered.


Clearly Thomas was disappointed with all the mechanical issues but it was the best I’ve seen him drive yet. Fastest lap increased from 1.47m in practice, to 1.41m in qualifying and to 1.39m in race 1 on the first day; some fantastic times from the off and Thomas had clearly progressed with his confidence, especially on the brakes, at the bottom of craner curves Thomas was pulling 2.5g (over two and a half times his own body weight) he ended the session very pleased.

Despite all the mechanical issues Thomas still managed to qualify in sixth in his class for the Superkart Grand Prix, and mid grid overall. He knew he had the pace to race at the front of his class. The race start was great and frantic with Thomas racing side by side his rivals at over 130mph (see images below) with barely 10cm between them. Thomas was moving up the order lap after lap, 14 places in 4 laps. Sadly, then, he was missing, always worrying when he does not come by but we knew he was okay as no safeThomas Gray Donington June 16-30ty car was sent out.

Thomas Gray Donington June 16-32Thomas Gray Donington June 16-26Thomas Gray Donington June 16-13




What can be drawn from this weekend is that Thomas has real talent, when all was well with the kart, Thomas was getting faster and gaining confidence all the while. Subject to the kart’s reliability I’d be surprised if Thomas is not on the podium next time.

(Donington National July 16th/17th)


Thomas Gray @ Snetterton – May 2016

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Ruislip Superkart race driver Thomas Gray was competing at Snetterton this weekend – May 2016 Thomas Gray Snetterton May 2016-1

Thomas Gray Snetterton May 2016

Thomas Gray Snetterton Track Walk

For photography purposes Snetterton is a great track to capture shots, with far reaching views.  I was treated to a track walk during the evening, with Thomas checking out the condition of the track; kerb heights, corners and generally getting a feel for things in preparation for Race Day. I observed high concentration from Tom and all his observations he recorded to study for the rest of the evening.

After suffering a gear selector issue in qualifying Thomas Gray was straight into the first Snetterton race on the Saturday, having not been able to set a timed lap, and therefore forced to start from the back of the 39 kart grid.

A fantastic start saw Thomas pass over 8 competitors on his first lap, what was so impressive is that this was Tom’s first visit to Snetterton and driving his first laps, Thomas quickly showed why he was chosen by the MSA academy to become a fully tutored driver.

Tom’s speed was increasing lap after lap, eventually leading to him coming across the finish line 5th in his class.

Race 2 on the Sunday, Thomas was starting a little further up the grid due to his excellent race the previous day and once again he showed no fear in making up places, running only inches apart at over 120 mph.

Thomas managed to secure a 4th place finish in class.

Race 3 Thomas only needed to beat what had become his closest rival for the weekend to secure his first podium position and what a race it turned out to be, lap after lap they swapped positions. Tom managing to set his fastest lap, some 1.5 seconds quicker on the last lap, slip streaming his rival; Thomas missed out on 3rd place by a mere 1 tenth of a second, but what a race.

Thomas Gray at Snetterton May 2016

Thomas Gray #32 and close rival #16 


In Thomas Gray’s words:

“From an unfortunate qualifying session, not being able to complete a full lap due to a mechanical issue, to achieving a 5th and two 4th place finishes in my class was a brilliant end to the weekend at Snetterton!;  one I can look back on for making great progress.”

“First time at Snetterton 300 and all went very well in the races! A very demanding track, but one I’ll definitely be looking forward to next year!”


This round of the MSA British 250 Superkart Championship will be shown on Motors TV on 13th June @ 7.30pm. Further information regarding Tom’s racing career can be found at http://www.garage2u.co.uk. Media coverage by Trinity Mirror.

Next round we head to Donnington on 4th & 5th June.

Thomas Gray 250 Superkart @ Silverstone

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It was a privilege to have the opportunity to photograph Thomas at Silverstone; racing his 250 Superkart for the first time at an International circuit. I’m sure there must have been some nerves felt by Thomas but they were not apparent to me, just excitement and determination; I can’t imagine much is going to faze him as he enters the first round of the British Championship at Snetterton on 7th May.

Thomas Gray 250 Superkart Silverstone


Silverstone International Circuit

Thomas Gray 250 Superkart at Silverstone

Thomas Gray 250 Superkart at Silverstone

Circuit length 1.8508 miles. Average lap speed 100.98mph. Fastest lap time on 24/04/16 1:05.982 (set by Gareth JAMES, Anderson/DEA MSA – Superkart Championship). Top Speed appx 155mph.

Thomas GRAY #32 Anderson/Honda. Fastest lap time 1:13.040. Average lap speed 88.95mph. (MSA British Superkart – BSA Championship). Top speed appx 140mph. 

Race One: A great start saw Thomas take a few positions within the first few laps and continue to pick off other competitors one at a time, passing karts in the higher class whilst doing so, with positions changing back and forth throughout the race. At the chequered flag Thomas came through in a magnificent 8th place overall and 2nd in his class.

Race Two: Thomas started on grid 12, row 6. Further great results were expected. Unfortunately Thomas’ Superkart suffered front wing damage early in the race and it hampered the set-up significantly, leading to a high speed 120mph spin; this cost a lot of time and eventually led him to coming home in 11th place overall, yet still managing 2nd in his class.

Highlights of the day for me (apart from simply being at Silverstone – home of British motor racing) were being able to take photographs from the pit wall … although ‘note to self’ – RUN … and fast, to get a prime spot with a viewing window through the fence. Also, photographing Thomas with his Superkart in the garages where all the F1 teams work from.

Looking forward to the arrival of my new lense ready for more Superkart photography at Snetterton.

Thomas Gray 250 Superkart at Silverstone

Thomas Gray 250 Superkart at SilverstoneThomas Gray 250 Superkart at SilverstoneThomas Gray 250 Superkart at Silverstone







Click (MVI) below to view a short video clip of Thomas Gray in his 250 Superkart at Silverstone


Click here to read a more in-depth report from sponsor http://www.garage2u.co.uk





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